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20 Best Dachshund Halloween Costumes - ever! October 31 2020

Halloween was clearly made for wiener dogs, even the name says so Halloweenie! Our collection of the best every halloweenie dachshund costumes. We've wrangled a collection of the 20 all time best Halloween dachshund customs. 

13 Reasons Wiener Dogs Hate Halloween October 31 2020

Cheesy chia pep dachshunds and many adorable other costumes...but these little guys still aren't a faun.

Google Gives A Nod to Wiener Dog Bobble Heads September 30 2020

Google Doodle featured an animated doodle of a German cultural, the wackeldackel. Find out how to make this puppy's tail wag and enjoy the celebration of dachshunds.

What did the Dachshund say to God? Find out here! October 26 2018

Find out the wiener dog's response to God's question here! I think you might be surprised...a little!

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