5 Dachshund & Baby Pics That Will Melt You! November 21 2016


"Baby eat the puppy...soft puppy warm puppy little ball of fur...yummy puppy tasty puppy... Can I eat your fur???" by @doxiecuties

Wiener Dog & Baby


Wiener dogs even make babies laugh. Humor by @Moo_the_dachshund

doxie and baby @Moo_the_dachshund



Cute baby and dachshund


Her first kiss from a short red-headed guy. Smooches by @winston_and_lilie

baby and dachshund kisses at the beach


@ScrappyTheDoxie has fun with his new sis...but tries to steal the show first. Baby outfits by TheSmootheStore.com

We've seen babies and dachshunds, now let's think about other ways to get babies hooked on doxies early life with these wiener dog baby gift ideas.