Top 6 Dachshund Gifts Under $30 March 25 2016

Dachshund lovers love wiener dog things, it's a proven fact. If you want to be the bestest gift giver ever then you need to up your ween game with unique and useful doxie gifts. 

A happy dog = happy dog Mom, so getting in good with the doxie is a good move. Just ask @DudleyTheDashy and @ScrappyTheDoxie about their ween blankies.

 Custom wiener dog blanketCustom dog blanket name

One of the most unique, thoughtful, useful and inexpensive gifts around -- luggage tags and it's under $10! Lots of colors and styles to suit any personality. Pair it with a passport cover you are sure to take home the best-ever-wiener-dog-gift-giver award and it only cost you $29.99!

Crazy wiener dog mom luggage bag tagDachshund passport cover

The most practical of all, doxie dog dish towels. Everyone has to eat and even if they don't really cook, they still need dish towels for the occasional grilled cheese. Available in a variety of colors.

Doxie dog kitchen dish towelsDachshund kitchen dish towel

There's a lot of dachshund jewelry out there, but some of it is...ummm...well...we will go with "special." Here are an adorable pair of earrings that are perfect for everyday and modest enough for the office. Gift it with a doxie necklace and snag both for just under $30. 

Dachshund earrings

When you leave your doxie gets a kong or a treat...but what do you get to keep you from missing her too much? How about a key ring that will keep your little close in spirit. Lot of color and style options available ranging from $10 to $18.



Still haven't found the perfect wiener dog gift? Then go with a classic-can't-go-wrong gift, a tote bag. Lightweight totes start at $8.99.