13 Reasons Wiener Dogs Hate Halloween October 31 2020

Halloweenie can be the best and worst for wieners! Extra treats, extra attention but laughs and giggles.


dach-a-suraus dinosaur dachshund custome




Skunk dachshund

He looks stinking miserable (although we suspect he's just waiting for a treat)? @DoxieLondon


  chia dachshund costume halloween  Chia-weenia

Cha-Cha-Chia-weenia. Now this pup has the song stuck in his mind too! 

Bumble bee dachshund Halloween

This little guy is really thinking Buzz-off people! 
Photo from The Moscow Times



Slinky sausage dog...how did they get this wiener in the spring?


dachshund tootsie roll costume

Roll, Tootsie, Roll! This gal reminded her owner that doxies can't have chocolate. 


dachshund prison costume

These guys are ready to break out!


Spider dachshund costume

The worst part is, he's afraid of spiders!

Jerky Turkey doxie costume

Wait until I find the turkey who put me in this wobble-awful costume!

 Italian Sausage spaghetti dachshund costume

Speaking of food, how about this Italian Sausage pile of spaghetti.  

 Britney Spears Dachshund costume

Britney Spears dachshund costume? @belladoxie

Where's waldo dachshund

My human is way more excited about this costume than ne.


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