4 Doxies + Babies on National Kids and Pets Day April 23 2017

Double the fun, and probably the trouble too, with kids and dachshunds together. To celebrate National Kids and Pets Day, April 26th, here are a few of our faves.

@Moo_the_dachshund gives the side eye to anyone looking at her baby.

 Dachshund and kids on national kids and pets day

Scrappy the Doxie has been winning hearts around the world but we all turned to mush when his sister came along with coordinating outfits.

Scrappy The Doxie and his sister

Slobbers on the sausage with @doxiecuties

Doxiecuties and babies

And then there is @Little.Miss.Paisley on big sister duty guarding her new sis, Emily.



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