8 Wieners Who Took on Winter 2017 March 14 2017

With a blast of snow and sleet to remind us that winter's not over, here's a look at eight wieners who took on the snow, and one who lost to the snow.

 Why yes, I can play ball in the snow and share some smooches. 

  sausage dogs kissing int the snow

@Bailey_TheDachs takes in the wonderment of snowflakes.

Wiener dog snowflakes

With snow in his beard and a sparkle in his eyes it's clear that @WienerOscar is a wirehair snow-hound.

wire hair wiener snow beard

Cherry, from @DachStarDogs, acting as the resident snowplow.

dashing through the snow doxie style 

Click to watch the video of Jonah enjoying the snow (also from @DachstarDogs)


Lumberjack chic is now for weensters, not just hipsters.

 lumberjacksexual dachshund


The Ukraine's Barni, who has the most fantastic winter and action shots on his Instagram account @Dachshund_Barni


Dappled darlin' Darcy makes it look like snow ain't no thing. @DappleGanger

dappleganger    DappleGanger


Pepsi, Cindy and Misty take in a sunset in the Wisconsin snow.
Check these gals out at @thedoxieteers

snow dachshunds & sunset

...and then there's always that one wiener who can't hang with the long dogs.

wiener wagon wrecked in the snow

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