9 Gifts That Show Your Wiener Dog You Love Them As Much As They Love You October 14 2017

Every dog parent loves their pup in their own way, so how you show the love is just as special. 

Here are 9 ways to show your doxie dearest just how much they mean to you:

1. Pride

Say it loud and say it proud with a t-shirt! We've got USA pride t-shirts for 'Murican wieners.


T-shirts for party people.


And t-shirts for proud papas. 

Or you can always make every doxie feel welcome in your home. :)


2. Part of the Family

Your love of wiener dogs totally becomes a family thing with an adorable baby onesie. Think of it as a sports jersey for dog people who root for their favorite breed. It's also a great way to show your pup they're part of the family.


3. Personalize It

Get your little burrower a customized blanket with their own name. 


4. Pajama Party!

Show your dog that you even dream about them in your sleep with this night shirt.


5. Precious Metals

These exquisite jewelry items not only show doxie pride, but they make doxie pride classy as pup. 


6. Positive Advice

If having a dachshund in your family works for you, let the people know! If it works for you it could work for them. Some people just aren't going to know how great dachshunds are unless you tell them. 


7. Puppy Prana

You can bring your doxie energy into a yoga sesh with these compression-fit leggings


8. Privates

Yes, even the most discrete parts of you can wear the doxie seal of approval. For mom, we have "Wiener Dog Wiggle Butt" undies.


And for dad, "Wonder Weenie" boxer shorts


9. Presents!

Of course nothing says "I love you" like the pawfect gift. For a great play experience we have the American Dog Fast Food Stuffie Toy Set.


Or the Vegetable Stuffie Plush Dog Toy Set for "vegetarian" dogs, haha!


If your pup is more passive than playful, we also have a lovely selection of Houndstooth luxury beds