9 Things I NEED in My Life - Think Wiener Dogs! March 13 2018

For the record, these are needs not wants but before ya'll get all judgy on this Dog Mom, keep in mind that this is a short list of only nine items. I could have been greedy by including a luxury van with tvs for the weens or an unlimited supply of pee pee stain remover.  Nope, I'm just a simple girl with basic needs.

  1. Wiener dogs
  2. More wiener dogs
  3. Wiener dog friends for my weens
  4. A big house for all of my wiener dogs
  5. A big tick-free field for wiener dog playtime
  6. Treats and BarkBox toys for my weens
  7. Personalized wiener dog blankets from TheSmootheStore.com for my weens
  8. A cure for IVDD!
  9. More wiener dogs!