A Lion and His Pride of Wiener Dogs and a Loving Care Taker November 11 2017

Proof that cats and dogs can get along and that dachshunds lack self-awareness about their size! Bonedigger, the Barbary lion, is best buds with four weenie dogs Bullet, Milo, Angel and, his favorite, a brindle doxie girl named Abby. This unlikely band of friends live at the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.  

Unbelievable, but authentic, videos and photos follow below.

Dachshund snuggles with tiger

 Photo source: Instagram.com/Joe_Exotic

Lion and dachshund best friends.

Bone and Abby in younger days.

brindle dachshund kisses young lion


A dachshund dentist cleans a lions teeth - no Photoshop in this video! CLICK TO WATCH 


Video of a lion and his dachshund squad hanging out. CLICK TO WATCH Video


And the best of all, Milo the weenie dog snags some raw meat from the lions pile of food and walks off with this tail held high. Shortly before you can see the lion putting his mouth around the sausage dog playfully. 

And yes, there was a double amputee man in the video too, he's the park manager. John Reinke, the park manager, suffered a catastrophic bungee jumping accident, also shares a very special bond with the lion. More on that story here

This lion and his pride of hot dogs enjoy chasing and grooming each other, as well as snuggling and eating together.  

Dachshunds and lion eating together

Image source: The Today Show, NBC 2013


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