20 Best Dachshund Halloween Costumes - ever! May 26 2022

Halloween was clearly made for wiener dogs, even the name says so Halloweenie! Our collection of the best every halloweenie dachshund costumes. 


Tiger Wiener Dog paint job costume

We can't say that we condone painting wieners (although this is probably photoshopped), but we'll admit this is one grrreat tiger-wiener.

dachshund in Mexican costume

The 2012 Annual March of the Sausages winner in Krakow was a 10-year-old dachshund Borys. Source


Submaweiners submarine dachshund costumes

Submaweiners practicing for the The Hunt for Red Dogtober.


Corn dachshund costume

Corn-Dog, get it?!?

dachshund gumball costume

Gumball anyone?

banana split wiener dog costume

Banana split with a side of wiener (dog)

felon jail dachshund costume

Cutest convict ever!
2012, the 18th annual dachshund march in Krakow (Poland) where this wiener dog prisoner costume captured the attention of all.


Carrot dachshund costume

Don't forget your carrots!


Bo Peep and her weens

 Bo Peep and her weens


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hot dog vendor

Hot dog vendor with with a fully loaded dox.


Rocket ween costume for dachshund

Rocket ween

dachshund Yellow Submarine Beatles

What's long, yellow, looks like a Beatle and walks on for short legs? Why, it's a dachshund dressed as a Yellow Submarine/member of the Beatles. Photo from facebook: Michelle Wagner-Yeatts



dachshund halloweenie condiments ketchup and mustard

What would a wiener dog Halloween montage be without some ketchup and mustard! @doxieluver_4

 super weenie

Super Sausage!

Hot diggity dog by @auroralovethedoxie

No list of weens for halloween would be complete without a hot dog @auroralovethedoxie



I dream of weenie dachshund costume

I dream of weenie...dogs. Dachshund's genie costume in the 5th annual St. Petersburg dachshund march. Photo: Irina Grisyuk



ram wiener dog costume

Ween in the wild as a wild ram!
(Picture Credit: Elizabeth W. Kearley/Getty Images)


Butterfly dachshund in wheel cart

Loving this little beauty, Nellie, who has since crossed the rainbow bridge. A dachshund with wings and wheels. 


One of our all time faves, Lilo as a wiener-roll with her dad @prinss_lilo_weenie