Dachshund Memes and Wiener Dog Humor September 04 2017

Us wiener dog lovers never tire of wiener jokes and dachshund memes. In fact, I have a suspicion that some dog lovers converted to dachshunds just for the jokes! Follow our doxie meme Pinterest board for more doxie laughs.

We'll start off with a new one about the 2017 IT Movie by Stephen King (which is too scary for a weenie like me!). Meme by @Wickleweed. WARNING: The clown does not actually have dachshunds down there!

Wiener dog memes - pennywise the clown

Classic by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund - dachshund on stilts morphs into a doberman. 

Dachshund on Stilts Meme

 Get in loser we're going to PetSmart!

 wiener dog humor - going to petsmart loser

An oldie but one of my faves!

funny wiener dog joke don't listen to them


The pic says it all - save me!

wiener dog in silly hat meme 


He learned it from watching TV, dachshund in the meerkat pose.

dachshund as a meerkat prairie dog


Double whammy because it's a dachshund and she said poop! Great pic by @dux_dachies

doxie secret ingredient is poop


Don't forget to follow our doxie meme and ween humor Pinterest board for more funny dachshund posts. Plus here are a few dachshund jokes you can take home with you from TheSmootheStore.com.

ween keen dachshund funny mug  funny dachshund doormat

wiener dog golf head cover funny  wiener dog sleeps with wieners pajama night shirt