Dachshund Tattoos - Largest Collection Ever! September 01 2017

Our dachshunds may be long dogs, but too often their lives are too short which has inspired hundreds of dachshund devotees to memorialize their pups through tattoo art. Here are a few of our faves.

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Breaking the mold of the top 10 countdown and going straight to our #1 favorite ween tattoo!  @MyThreeDoxies killed it with her personalized version of artwork from @BeanGoods.

Wiener Dog Spirit Animal Tattoo

Still with us or are you still staring at #1?! Its just too rad to even move on, right? Well get this, #2 also belongs to @MyThreeDoxies but this one is a weeniecorn! CAN'T EVEN! 

weeniecorn tattoo dachshund 

Okay, now that you've booked your next tatt appointment let's get back to more ween tatts. Our next ink job takes us to Poland for masterful work by @LukasZglenicki

Lukas Zglenicki dachshund tattoo

 Now over to Russia with a beautiful wire hair wiener dog tattoo by @SashaUnisex

wire hair wiener dog tattoo by Sasha Unisex

 A detailed black outline sketch sausage dog from @mydashworld

black dachshund tattoo


Black and tan wiener dog with beautiful roses @Sonia Jackeline 

Wiener Dog Tattoo with Roses


Unique royal dachshund tattoo with the little guy sporting a crown surrounded by colorful balloons. Artist unknown and unable to find the original source of content despite looking for it.

royal dachshund - unique balloon tattoo

We love creative works of dachshund art from Clarity Tattoo

dachshund native american tattoo

dachshund Sherlock holmes

This little guy reminds me so much of Smoothe...those beautiful flat long ears and distinct nose. Watch as the talented artist Nico Wiedemann @nicota2 creates this ink art in the time lapse video below.

 Nico Wiedemann @nicota2 dachshund tattoo