Google Gives A Nod to Wiener Dog Bobble Heads September 30 2020

Today Google Doodle featured an animated doodle of a German cultural, the wackeldackel. Wiener dog lovers will instance recognize the German word for dachshund, dackel in the name. Wackeldackelname translates to Wobbling Dachshund. 

The dachshund bobblehead made it's grand debut in the 70s in German. Google's Doodle was created by artist and engineer, David Lu, who loved physics involved in the bobblehead.

The interactive Doodle shows a nodding and wagging dachshund on the DASHboard of a car as beautiful scenery in Germany roll by. Move your mouse to see the sausage dog's eyes move. If you nose boop or click the doxie, it will show you some love with pink hearts and just like a real doxie, if you ignore this amazing creature, he will get a sad look and nod to sleep.

dachshund bobble head gif from google

Sad wiener dog needs attention!

Wackeldackel or wobbling dachshund