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What did the Dachshund say to God? Find out here! October 26 2018

Find out the wiener dog's response to God's question here! I think you might be surprised...a little!

Would you share your ice cream with your dog? July 10 2018

Lady shares ice cream with her ween then eats from the same cone. The debate is on - would you share or not share?

Woman shares ice cream with wiener dog and eats after him

9 Things I NEED in My Life - Think Wiener Dogs! March 13 2018

For the record, these are needs not wants but before ya'll get all judgy on this Dog Mom, keep in mind that this is a short list of only nine items. I could have been greedy by including a luxury van with tvs for the weens or an unlimited supply of pee pee stain remover.  Nope, I'm just a simple girl with basic needs.

  1. Wiener dogs
  2. More wiener dogs
  3. Wiener dog friends for my weens
  4. A big house for all of my wiener dogs
  5. A big tick-free field for wiener dog playtime
  6. Treats and BarkBox toys for my weens
  7. Personalized wiener dog blankets from for my weens
  8. A cure for IVDD!
  9. More wiener dogs!




Wiener Nationals Dachshund Races March 02 2018

The Wiener Nationals, where little legs chase big dreams of being the fastest dachshund in the United States. Sponsored by Wienerschnitzel hot dogs, the race is heading into its 23rd year. There are a few qualifier races, with the final doxie dash taking place in California at the Holiday Bowl football game. The winner will take home the official title, "Fasted Wiener in the West" in front of 15,000 people. 

Want to see highlights from prior Wiener National races? Check them out below.

2014 race where the defending champ, Buddy, takes a bite out of the competition. 

Dachshund Racing - Wiener Nationals

photo credit: Long Beach Press-Telegram


Wiener Nationals - Dachshund Racing

photo credit: Long Beach Press-Telegram


Cool promo video of Wiener National 

 source: YouTube




Treat your winning wiener to a personalized blanket from



  source: unknown


 Wiener Dog Races - National Race

photo credit: Long Beach Press-Telegram


Racing dachshunds for official races
photo credit: Long Beach Press-Telegram


photo credit:

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