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Dachshunds in Strollers with Kids December 04 2017

Wiener dogs who want to be babies and toddlers who want to be stay at home dog moms when they grow up. 


There was never any doubt that Olivia's life goal was to be a stay at home dog mom.

Video: @elenapluzhnikova_art


Katie the dachshund enjoys a ride in a toy stroller pushed by a toddler. 




Personalized dachshund and dog blankets from The Smoothe Store and kid clothes to set them off as doxie lovers from the start.

dachshund personalized blanket  


 Fast forward 20 years:

dachshunds in stroller - a lot of them



For the more moderate dog mom:



Then there's this guy...



Dachshund Thanksgiving and Turkey Toots November 25 2017

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, as doxie turkey toots linger here's a look back at some hardworking wiener dog hosts.

In full chef gear with a stuffed turkey in paw and the camera rolling, Hank suddenly realized he had forgotten to plan for a critical step - long arms to put the turkey in the oven!

While Hanks was mulling his options, this little turkey went to the beach.
Photo credit: @adventuresofbrowndog

dachshund in turkey costome


This girl who was too busy taking selfies, yes it's @prinss_lilo_weenie




We saw this guy trying to mentally move the turkey just a few inches.
Photo credit: @oheyitsamanda


We saw a bunch of sausages sprawled out with full bellies like this guy
Photo credit: @rebecca_nunez


Back to visit Hank, who got stuck doing the dishes too!


Here are a few dachshund kitchen goods to use for your next big kitchen adventure.

dachshund cutting board  dachshund soup bowls



Dachshund Christmas Tree Ornament November 24 2017

We've got the largest selection of unique wiener dog Christmas Tree ornaments and you won't find these puppies in stores.


 Dachshund Christmas Tree Ornaments - new unique




  wiener dog snowflake ornament   dachshund steal ornament USA handmade 

Reindeer Doxie Christmas Tree Ornaments


Cindi Dachshund Dog's Stunning Maternity Photos November 21 2017

We are gaga for the photo shoot done by Vicki Miller Photography of her pregnant dachshund, Cindi. Complete with a Blossom Shoppe flower crown, this little doxie mama is a goddess. Vicki is a North Queensland based photographer specializing in rural weddings, natural family photography, unique maternity and newborn photography. 

dachshund maternity photo

All photos property of Vicki Miller Photography

wiener dog maternity photo shoot

pregnant doxie mom pics


Now that you know that dachshund maternity photo shoots are a thing, did you know that The Smoothe Store has wiener dog nursery and sausage dog clothes for humans?


   dachshund baby onesie  dachshund nursery art

dachshund nursery night lights

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