Dachshund Fun

4 Doxies + Babies on National Kids and Pets Day April 23 2017

Double the fun, and probably the trouble too, with kids and dachshunds together. To celebrate National Kids and Pets Day, April 26th, here are a few of our faves.

@Moo_the_dachshund gives the side eye to anyone looking at her baby.

 Dachshund and kids on national kids and pets day

Scrappy the Doxie has been winning hearts around the world but we all turned to mush when his sister came along with coordinating outfits.

Scrappy The Doxie and his sister

Slobbers on the sausage with @doxiecuties

Doxiecuties and babies

And then there is @Little.Miss.Paisley on big sister duty guarding her new sis, Emily.



The Smoothe Store has stuff to outfit your doxie nursery and to doxifiy your little one early.




Winter Blast Almost Past March 14 2017

Hoping this last blast of winter is the last for the year. 

Val and Tvinne @abh69 are a bright spot even on the snowiest of days.


Snow ballin' with Elliott from @nycweenie

dachshund with snow belly

More snow ball with Cindy in Wisconsin from @TheDoxieteers

 Is the snow deep or is it just me? @ArtieandRebel

 And one final frosty face, Miss Stella from @ctdachshundrescue


8 Wieners Who Took on Winter 2017 March 14 2017

Top 6 Wiener Dog Wienerful Valentine Days Gifts February 01 2017

Puppy love soup  bowl with kissing dachshunds or cute color dachshunds

Keep the love and the wiener, but throw out the clutter and get organized with our polka dot dachshund pen holders.

wiener dog desk organizer pen holder

Get cozy with with soft fleece blankets.



Although your love may be timeless, walkies and potty trips are not, so keep track with our wonderful wiener dog watches.

wiener dog plaid watch doxie watch leather

Tell that special someone that you think they are WIENERFUL! 

Carry wiener dog love close to your heart with a dachshund necklace from TheSmootheStore.com

Five Year Old Wiener Dog Baby Talks to His First Toy January 31 2017

Finn, a 5 year old dachshund, begins making puppy noises when he is reunited with his favorite squeaky pig toy after being separated from each other for 5 years. This might be the most adorable puppy talk ever!

Top 5 Wiener Dog Christmas Tree Ornaments December 04 2016

If someone makes fun of your dachshund Christmas Tree...remember, jealously is a disease. It's not their fault. Wiener dog obsession is healthy. 


Classic weendeer ornament in cranberry. 

wiener dog Christmas tree ornament


 Our ever modest ornament that pays homage to the best dog ever.

Best dog ever christmas tree ornament



wiener wonderland doxie tree decor

Lumberjack Buffalo Plaid with a weendeer...can't go wrong with that one!

dachshund Christmas tree ornaments


Rustic dachshund steal ornament handmade in the USA.

rustic dachshund christmas tree ornament decor

5 Dachshund & Baby Pics That Will Melt You! November 21 2016


"Baby eat the puppy...soft puppy warm puppy little ball of fur...yummy puppy tasty puppy... Can I eat your fur???" by @doxiecuties

Wiener Dog & Baby


Wiener dogs even make babies laugh. Humor by @Moo_the_dachshund

doxie and baby @Moo_the_dachshund



Cute baby and dachshund


Her first kiss from a short red-headed guy. Smooches by @winston_and_lilie

baby and dachshund kisses at the beach


@ScrappyTheDoxie has fun with his new sis...but tries to steal the show first. Baby outfits by TheSmootheStore.com

LinkedIn ProFinder Small Business Contest November 14 2016

My eCommerce shop is all about puppy love with a heartfelt focus to crazy wiener dog lovers. It all stems from a little rescued dachshund named Smoothe, my buddy in life adventures for 16 years. After Smoothe lost his battle with cancer I found myself still obsessed with this breed, whether it was walking quickly to catch up to one on the streets of NYC or being the weirdo in the dog park without a dog. I really hit my dog

stocking stride as Instagram grew when I discovered other people with the same obsession, some taking it to a new level by buying any product or item with a wiener dog printed on it. It was then that my marketing brain, love of dachshunds and interest in small business kicked into overdrive.

A store with wiener dog goods would be the perfect way to keep the memory of my little one alive. Within in a few months I had my website up and a few products stocked. I suppose it should have been scary but I reveled in every aspect of the business. I hated disappointing customers when mistakes happened, but loved getting to know them while working out issues. I never ever wanted to understand USPS and its quirky rules but it’s now a point of pride.

 My wiener dog world now spans the globe through social media and product sales, but most importantly its forged friendships around the world. In addition to running a profitable business I’ve had the job of giving back to the doxie community through a number of fundraisers, including rising over $10k for various dog-related charities and donating six doggie wheelchairs to pups suffering for IVDD, an intervertebral disk disease that impacts 25% of dachshunds and can leave them paralyzed.

 As my customer base grows and my product offering expands I’m regularly seeking help with graphic design, technology, marketing, and photography. I’m expecting that ProFinder will be a valuable tool for sourcing support and guidance on many fronts. Since LinkedIn has built in transparency and existing credibility I’ll recoup time that was previously lost in screening and researching. 

I’ve never had a moment of regret about opening my store. It’s provided me with freedom to spend more time with friends and family and I get to spend part of each day looking at dog pictures! I’m so thankful for every aspect of my business and my customers (and their dachshunds). Life is good, my customers share their love of dachshunds with me and I feed their addiction for doxified goods while adoring their four legged kids.


May the 4th Be With You Wiener Dog Style May 04 2016

You wouldn't think wiener dogs and Star Wars have much in common, but wrong you'd be. There's a Star Weens movie, merchandise and hilarious dachshund versions of Star Wars characters. So load your lightsaber with fresh batteries, fire up the old X-Wing Fighter and get ready to get your May the 4th on, dachshund style.

In a galaxy far far away circa 2015 the original WeenTeam came together (with George Lucas in spirit) to produce a tribute to an all time favorite, Star Wars.


Best ever wiener portrayal of Chewy and Han Solo goes to Rocío Preciado of Cuije Photo.

Star Wars Star Weens Chewy and Han Solo Dachsund


The two cutest ewoks this side of the forest moon of Endor, Bailey and Bella.

Sausage dog ewoks for may the 4th

Chewbacca, the early years by Bruno Shortfoot

Chewbacca, the early years by Bruno Shortfoot

When your legs are too short for your helmet. 

Dachshund with Storm Trooper helmet

Well versed in binary, Barnaby (aka @barnababy) asks R2D2 what it's like being the low rider in a world full of tall droids. 

Barnababy speaks binary with R2D2 StarWeens May the 4th


DottieDoxie, George Lucas is on the phone for you sweetie.

DottieDoxie as an Ewok.

Vader accepts fatherhood. He is now know simply as Daddy Vader (and official pooper scooper, which is funny with the cape!). Out of this world photos by Cindy Kelleher from a Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas event with The 501st Legion

darth vader with doxie daddy vader feeding doxie may the 4thcuddles with darth daddy doxie daddy vader dachshund shirt walking dog


Princess Leia - two buns and a wiener by Princess Lilo.

princess leia dachshund

 Snuggling, Yoda does not. Scrappy The Doxie with 3CPO 

Scrappy The Doxie as Yoda Star Weens May the 4th Doxie style

Get our limited edition (May the 4th only) Star Weens shirts

dachshund star wars shirt stormpoope  dachshund star wars shirt boba fetch

Heartwarming Video of an Elderly Man and His Patient Dachshund April 12 2016

Heartwarming video of a faithful dachshund who lovingly waits as his elderly owner struggles to walk with a cane. 

Although the much quoted Bible version at 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 was not penned with a dachshund in mind, the message about the strength and endurance of true love fully applies to our furry four-legged friends. "Love is patient, love is kind..it is not self-seeking...it keeps no record of wrongs." 


Speaking of time...here are dachshund watches that will help you track the many hours of love and laughter they bring to your life.



Kids Giggles and Dachshund Wiggles April 10 2016

Little girl giggles and dachshund wiggles in this adorable video of them playing together.  

Got kids and dachshunds or wiener dogs and grandchildren? TheSmootheStore.com can help you doxify the little ones early. We've got you covered at all ages, including wiener dog nursery stuff.

My sister is a wiener onesie     


Dachshund vs. Dolphin April 09 2016

Gracie is determined to have a little seafood for lunch. This video tells the story... 

Want more dachshund fun? Visit TheSmootheStore.com for unique and useful ween gifts and goods.

  Wiener World Doormat from The Smoothe Store    dachshund golf balls


Dachshunds & Bunny Rabbits March 26 2016

You wouldn't think that natural born hunters would play or cozy up to bunny rabbits, but you'd be wrong. Watch these playful wiener dogs and silly rabbits reset nature.

 This some bunny seems to understand doxie games.

This not so little bunny ends up chasing the sausage dog! Even better - the doxie ears are nearly as high as the bunnies when he runs.  

Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Ween enjoy a meal together...from the same bowl!
Warning: the bunny is a slow eater




 Dachshund Lover Gifts from TheSmootheStore - unique, useful and doxified.

All you need is love and a dachshund   

dachshund coffee mug    




Top 6 Dachshund Gifts Under $30 March 25 2016

Dachshund lovers love wiener dog things, it's a proven fact. If you want to be the bestest gift giver ever then you need to up your ween game with unique and useful doxie gifts. 

A happy dog = happy dog Mom, so getting in good with the doxie is a good move. Just ask @DudleyTheDashy and @ScrappyTheDoxie about their ween blankies.

 Custom wiener dog blanketCustom dog blanket name

One of the most unique, thoughtful, useful and inexpensive gifts around -- luggage tags and it's under $10! Lots of colors and styles to suit any personality. Pair it with a passport cover you are sure to take home the best-ever-wiener-dog-gift-giver award and it only cost you $29.99!

Crazy wiener dog mom luggage bag tagDachshund passport cover

The most practical of all, doxie dog dish towels. Everyone has to eat and even if they don't really cook, they still need dish towels for the occasional grilled cheese. Available in a variety of colors.

Doxie dog kitchen dish towelsDachshund kitchen dish towel

There's a lot of dachshund jewelry out there, but some of it is...ummm...well...we will go with "special." Here are an adorable pair of earrings that are perfect for everyday and modest enough for the office. Gift it with a doxie necklace and snag both for just under $30. 

Dachshund earrings

When you leave your doxie gets a kong or a treat...but what do you get to keep you from missing her too much? How about a key ring that will keep your little close in spirit. Lot of color and style options available ranging from $10 to $18.



Still haven't found the perfect wiener dog gift? Then go with a classic-can't-go-wrong gift, a tote bag. Lightweight totes start at $8.99.

We Want National Puppy Week, Not Just a Day! March 24 2016

We hereby declare that the Month of March is #NationalPuppyMonth because just one day a year isn't enough time to appreciate all of the little dachshunds. Need proof? Check out the vid below.


Got a new puppy or rescued a wiener dog lately? Be sure to protect your wiener with an ID tag with contact information in case your little one gets away from you.



 dachshund passport cover travel  




Wiener Dog Puppies v. Camera March 14 2016

One pup tries to take down the camera while the other pup munches on his buddy's rump. Super cute. 

Still need more doxie? Visit TheSmootheStore.com to get your wiener dog fix.

Wiener dog earrings         Wonder Weenie Shirt from The Smoothe Store

Dachshund Address Label


Dachshund vs. Toilet Paper March 04 2016

 Watch what the mischievous Penguin the doxie does...


Wiener Dog Gifts

Dachshund luggage tag 

Luggage Tags 

Dachshund earrings


Wiener Dog Doormat Wiener World


and lots more at



Teckel a Trois March 01 2016

Three wiener dogs sharing a kiss or two. Is this a sàusage à trois or a teckel à trois? Whatever you call it, it's adorable.




 Dachshund Lover Gifts from TheSmootheStore - unique, useful and doxified.

All you need is love and a dachshund   

dachshund coffee mug    




The Amazing Spider-Wiener Dog February 28 2016

Shocking wiener dog video...shocking to non-doxie owners...just reality caught on video for dachshund owners.

8 Wiener Dogs Get in Line to Eat. What?! February 28 2016

Dachshund feeding time can be like a frenzied game of Hungry Hungry Hippos* even when it's just one ween, so it's especially astounding that eight wiener dogs can line up and patiently wait for chow time.



*Millennials might need to google the game.

Heinz Ketchup Wiener Dog Super Bowl Commercial February 01 2016

Wiener Dogs take over the 2016 Super Bowl with an awesome dachshund ad featuring a stampede of wiener dogs in a Heinz Ketchup Commercial.

View it here then visit TheSmootheStore.com for fun wiener dog goods.


It's impossible to go wrong with a horde of wiener dogs, at least that is what Heinz Ketchup is betting on with its new "Wiener Stampede" Super Bowl ad.  

"When asked to explain the thinking behind their ad, Heinz says: ‘There comes a time in every wiener dog’s life when you look in the full length doggy mirror and ask yourself, am I going to be a plain old boring hot dog forever?

Or am I going to jump this rusty chain link fence and join the rest of the wieners in an epic stampede across the globe to seek out the most amazing tasting collection of Heinz Ketchups, so that I can be the best hot dog I can be? ‘And that moment is a defining one, for every wiener dog.’"


Heinz wiener stampede commercial

Heinz wiener dog stampede gif

Top 6 Valentine's Day Gifts for Wiener Dog Moms January 31 2016

Unlimited snuggles, generous kisses, and unconditional love – nothing makes a better Valentine than our pups. So whether you are a human looking for a dachshund gift for your sweetie or you are a doxie looking for a treat for your mom we've got a few ideas that she will love.  

Let's start with a non-traditional gift that will warm her heart (and neck) with a lightweight wiener dog scarf that works from Fall through Spring. 

Dachshund Scarf

Wrap her in love with a cozy fleece dachshund blanket that says "I love you" and has little doxies on it or maybe XOXO is more your style. Go for the larger size and you can get some couple snuggle time under (or on) it.

Dachshund Valentine's Day Blanket         

Keep it traditional for the girl who loves jewelry and all things doxie with our unique dachshund earrings and necklaces, or charm her with a sausage charm bracelet. 

Dachshund Earrings  Dachshund bar necklace


Lay your love at her feet with our limited XOXO Puppy Love doormat. A unique and useful gift that she can enjoy each daily, including on late night pee pee walks with the dog.

Remind her of your timeless love and her sausage dog addiction with a doxie watch. Top it off with a sweet message, like "I like to 'watch' you while you sleep...but not in a creepy way" and she'll be yours until the end of time.

Give her a unique heart shaped mug set that will melt her heart and keep her coffee warm. 

Valentine's Day Wiener Dog Mugs



BONUS: Add some extra doxie love with our ween gift boxes, stickers and other lovely dovey doxie stuff.

 dachshund xo gift pouch

Top 5 Inexpensive Dachshund Gifts December 13 2015

So you want to get your wiener dog-loving neighbor, coworker, party hostess or friend a doxie gift but your budget is tight. We've got you covered with our Top 5 Inexpensive Wiener Dog Gifts that are as unique as they are useful and thoughtful.

One of the most unique, thoughtful, useful and inexpensive gifts around - luggage tags. At just under $10 with lots of options (colors and styles) to suit any personality, you are sure to take home the best-ever-wiener-dog-gift-giver award!

wiener dog luggage tag


Our Kiss My Putt! Dachshund golf balls are an easy cheeky and cheap gift that will give your giftee a little more swagger on the links. 

Wiener Dog Kiss My Putt Golf Balls


The most practical of all, doxie dog dish towels. Everyone has to eat and even if they don't really cook, they still need dish towels for the occasional grilled cheese. Available in a variety of colors.

Doxie dog kitchen dish towels

There's a lot of ween jewelry out there, but some of it is...ummm...well...we will go with "unique." Here are an adorable pair of earrings that are perfect for everyday and modest enough for the office. 

Dachshund earrings


This gift does double duty. It shows some doxie love, is useful and best of all shares a special message that the giftee is sure to proudly carry around the office.

I think you are wienerful dachshund coffee mug


Still didn't find something to suit your ween loving friend? Here are a few more dachshund gift ideas that are under $15 too.

American Wiener Dog Wine Glass Chrarms     wiener dog tote bag      wiener dog note book