About Us

Dachshund, doxie, wiener dog = obsession = me. 

As you can see, my website is all about weens all the time. I sell Dachshund gifts for my fellow doxie lovers.

My inspiration is the most handsome wiener dog in the world, with whom I shared 16 wonderful years: Smoothe. 

I grew up in a family of Dalmatian lovers, but while away at college I fell for a short (and long) red-head. Our family has been indoxicated ever since Smoothe arrived! 

We’ve since shared life with three doxies: Smoothe, Badger and Daisy Jane. I can easily say, picking Smoothe out of the herd of other wiener dogs was the best decision of my entire life!

Although we lost him to cancer in 2011, my heart is still full of Smoothe. I hope that pouring that love into dachshund-related products on this website and exchanging Smoothe and doxie tales with customers will help keep his memory alive.

More About Smoothe

Smoothe was rescued from a puppy mill in West Virginia. I knew from the moment my headlight hit those big doxie ears that Smoothe was the guy for me.

Our vet estimated that he was 2 years old.

He was amazingly shy for the first few months, so much so he was afraid to eat in front of anyone. He'd carry each piece of chow to a small room and eat with his back to the wall. He would take one bite, stop and listen, then chop again. It was a slow process to help him recover. 

Once Smoothe began to trust us and feel secure, he embraced life. He woke up happy and bounced down the hall with ears flopping daily.

He always stopped the smell the flowers - literally, he loved smelling flowers.

It seemed his mission in life was to make me laugh and smile, which he fully accomplished and continues to accomplish to this day.

Below is a pic of Smoothe running to me down a long path, ears up and smile on.


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