All About Our Custom Dog Blankets

Best gift ever for dog people and dogs - custom blankets

 For Dog Lovers

      • Personalized - color, breed and text
      • Super cozy for luxurious lounging
      • Three sizes
      • Warm and extra warm fabrics
Vibrant colors on 3 yr old dog blanket




What makes The Smoothe Store blankets so squeaking perfect?


  • Toss your blanket into the wash as often as you like and the colors will stay as vibrant as day one.
  • Colors to suit any personality or mood and we take custom requests, like if your pupper insists on matching his blanket to the color of your eyes
  • No matter what Marco the poodle says, you should follow the care instructions: machine wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Tumble dry because high heat will cause it to shed a little, but a lot less than a dog.



Whether you are a plus sized pooch or a petite pip-squeak we've got you covered, literally. These puppies are great for outdoor sports events, summer time picnics, Saturday Netflix binging on the sofa, overnight stays at Granny's house and any type of car ride. 13/10 dogs say it's the best blankie for a good nights sleep.


30” x 40”

Good for small dogs, humans baby, toddlers or adult sized laps


50” x 60”

Suited for medium to large dogs, small dog who are bed hogs and for adult humans when lounging


60” x 80” 
(queen size)

Best for extra-large dogs and adult humans to use for sleeps or a queen size bed blanket for hard core dog moms.



All of our blankets are 100% snuggly soft polyester fleece that will not shrink, unravel or run. The top side screams dog crazy mom in your favorite color while the back side is a serene off-white. 

Our two fabric options are best explained as warm and extra warm. The warm medium to lightweight blanket, our original style, is butter soft plush on both sides. Our extra warm blankie has a smooth fleece top with a fluffy sherpa back for luxurious lounging. 

Plush Fleece


Double edge stitching for durability. 

Our original blankie fabric, cozy, butter soft. Plush fabric on both sides.


 Extra Warm!

Zig zag decorative stitching.

Smooth and soft fleece on the top side with an ultra luxurious and extra fluffy faux sheepskin flip side.



Our blankets are proudly printed, cut and sewn in the United States. Outside of the holiday rush, blankets typically take 3 to 5 business days for production, but to be on the safe side each blanket listing on our site says 4 to 8 business days. Note that this is for production only, not shipping. Shipping is usually an additional 2-4 days, depending on the destination. 

Our production partner is usually 99.9% on point, but on occasion there is a little hiccup (not like a cute dog hiccup, but still little). Anytime there is a problem we work quickly to correct mistakes and get you started on snuggle time!


We almost always ship using USPS. Your pup may not like the mailman but we do! USPS has been an amazingly great shipping partner. Since 2014 we've shipped thousands of packages via USPS with only five that were lost/damaged, with all but one refunded. Besides a great track record, we opt for USPS because they delivery on Saturday for no additional fees.