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Amazing Spider-Wiener - Wall Climber & Food Thief February 13 2024

Watch in awe as this Spider-dog embarks on a daring mission! With the agility of a seasoned acrobat, this plucky dachshund leaps and bounds...

6 Dachshund Christmas Gifts That’ll Make You Say 'Bow-WOW!' - All Under $15! November 21 2023


🎄 1. Dachshund Deluxe Pens: "Write" off boring gifts this year! Gift these sleek sausage dog pens and watch your friends do the wiener dance with joy. Perfect for jotting down their New Year's resolutions (like 'get more doxies'!). 🖊️

 wiener dog office gift ink pen 

🎄 2. Luggage Tags That Bark (Figuratively): Have a friend who's always jet-setting? These dachshund luggage tags will make their suitcase the star of the baggage carousel. No more playing 'spot the luggage' – it's dachshund domination! 🧳

🎄 3. Wine Glass Charms - With a Doxie Twist: Add a dash of doxie to your holiday cheer! These charms are perfect for those who like their wine served with a side of wiener dog whimsy. 🍷

🎄 4. Earrings That Scream ‘Dachshund Diva’: Know someone who likes to add a little 'bark' to their bling? These dachshund earrings are the perfect gift for the fashion-forward pup lover in your life. 💎

🎄 5. Tote-ally Awesome Dachshund Tote Bags: For the eco-conscious doxie enthusiast, these tote bags are a dream. They’re not just carrying groceries; they’re toting around doxie love! 👜

🎄 6. Bonus Bark: Dachshund Mugs: Surprise! Here’s your bonus gift idea. For less than $15, these mugs are the perfect companion for a cozy evening. Just imagine sipping hot cocoa while being judged by a cartoon dachshund on your mug – priceless! ☕

So, there you have it, folks! Six paws-itively perfect dachshund gifts that won’t have you digging through your wallet. Happy howl-idays, and may your days be merry and bright, and full of delightful doxies! 🌟🐾🎅


Festive Fall Dachshund Gifts & Gifts October 06 2023

Autumn is my favorite time of year, the leaves, the crisp air...and this year...the dachshund fall items that are popping up everywhere! Here are a few finds that you might enjoy.

Harvest time with sweet sausage dogs - collapsible tote from Aldi.

Dachshund Harvest Autumn Tote

Colorful leaves and smiling doxies - sherpa blanket from Aldi.

Autumn Dachshund Blanket Blue fall harvest with doxies

Sunflowers, dachshund and pumpkins - a perfect match! Sweet fall sheets set from Belk.

Sunflowers and dachshunds fall sheet set  Sunflowers and dachshunds fall sheet set

Well dressed fall dachshund - blanket from Sierra.

dachshunds in the fall


Jump into a pile of leaves with your ween - leafy sheet sets from Belk.

 Belk Fall Doxie SheetsetWiener Dog jumping in Leaves Sheet set


Links provided as a courteous for fellow wiener dog lovers! I make no commission, just sharing for fun. Love ya'll!  

Dachshund Back Problems - Intro to IVDD March 26 2023

Estimates indicate that up to 25% of dachshunds will develop some form of Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) in their lifetime, a serious health concern for dachshunds that requires prompt veterinary attention.

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