Wheelie Dog IVDD Blanket


Oh no, we would not forgot our wheelie ween friends, especially since my little sister Daisy demanded her own blankie. When not busy doing zoomies, your little one will enjoy burrowing and snuggling in our super soft fleece blanket in her favorite color. 

  • 100% soft snuggly polyester fleece
  • Front has vibrant and true colors that do not fade and an off white back
  • Double edge stitched for added durability
  • The plush fabric will not shrink, unravel, or run
  • Machine washable, gentle cycle, mild detergent. Tumble dry


dachshund delivery truckPlease allow 4-8 business days for your blanket to be personalized, in addition to shipping. 


Size Options 


30” x 40”

Good for doxies, unfur-babies, toddlers or adult laps


50” x 60”

Great for medium to large dogs or small dog who are bed hogs and for adult humans when lounging


60” x 80” 
(queen size)

Best for extra-large dogs and adult humans who want to be immersed cozy snuggles 


Fabric Options

Plush Fleece


Our original blankie fabric, cozy, butter soft. Plush fabric on both sides



Smooth and soft fleece on the top side with an ultra luxurious and extra fluffy faux sheepskin flip side. Only available in medium and large sizes.




Pink blankie modeled by Elle, a sweet wheelie friend who pasted away in 2016. Red blanket shown by sleepy head Roger who has been getting his roll on for over 8 years.

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